Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why Bloody facebook!!

[This is written for pure amusement and well a real fact too, for everybody is suffering because of this facebook worm. I will like to say though I may be against facebook addiction, but I do agree of some good things. I have met some very good friends of foreign places. They are treasure to me. What follows has no resemblance to anyone but me. Its a creation of mind with some of the spices added up on my side. I still like to proclaim I am very lucky to find friends like Kevin, Matt, Mikey, Maggie, Carolyn, Ligui on facebook.]

This "facebook" was happening just when I over came the past culprit of time waste namely "orkut". It was like you come out of one vicious circle and got trapped in another. I know I am an addict of technology and an addict never helps himself and always need help. Unlucky for me that I live alone and thus nobody can help me when I sit upright whole, well most of it, night on my laptop.

It happens so when you woke up in the morning with sun well fit up in the sky, staring at you from the window all red with anger. You realize you are late for work and then when you reach office your boss is sitting with that satirical gloom in his eyes and asks "This is happening everyday now?" You try and make excuses, but well off your excuses don't help everyday.

Then you move to your seat and were getting ready for the day or whatever of it you have to spend in office. Then you check your phone, for you feel there could be messages. Yes there are and the number tolls to 8 or 10 during whole time you were travelling. You check them, one from friend and rest from facebook, for you have subscribed to friends updates and comments you receive on your status.

You would not have bothered to comment on these messages until you would have reached home, after all its not good to do a personal satisfying thing using your boss's recourses. But since you know, its tempting. you make your heart strong. You fight with your brain rattling all the while to 'comment', 'reply' or 'like' your friends updates or messages. You decide no, office is not to brood of your personal friendships. Well, you were happily settled at that when your phone vibrates along with "Beep...Beep...SMS", that pleasant tune most of us had heard. You are to check it, but already know what it could be. As you feared another 'comment' on your facebook status. This is too much temptation to control. You snap, you break off the goal of your office to make you feel at home (but not obviously behave as if at home). You check around, no one.

Page downloading........

Sorry Page can not be downloaded.....

New enlightening knowledge just hit you. Or did you forget, your office has a well off I.T.(information Technology, and not Income Tax) Department which has locked off all social networking sites.

Temptation has hit you, and temptation always has one solution to quench. But how you think. In that minute you received another message.

No. God forbid these facebook people who send these messages. A friend updated the status. Now you have reached heights, you could not sit in front of your work files until and unless you have replied.

You get anxious and call a friend. You tell him its happening again, bad then the one with 'orkut', back in college days. Your friend understands, after all he was one of you. He suggests you to focus on your work, you could not afford to skip deadlines. You understands, well good friend always make you do right.

Its one hour past, your phone is on 'silent' mode inside your desk. You haven't checked it since and were able to go through fine. You feel great. But then you receive a call from bose asking you of somebody's number. You without thinking of consequences, and like a good employee reach your desk, pick up your cell phone and press 'unlock' followed by '#'.

God! What is this you see. Thirty messages, What the hell! You think you are the one this site got to stalk so. You give your boss the number he asked for. The phone disconects, but you cell is still in your hand. You are tempted again. You start reading these messages.

'Comment', 'Status' updates, 'Message' this is what fills your cell phone now all from similar looking numbers. You have to reply some, your mind is boggling to share what is coming to your mind. Hell! what should be done. You think of calling the same friend. No! shouts back your conscience. He is a moron, he is a fool and his suggestions are always ruining.

You decide the other one, the possible addict. He is a good friend. He has same passion,err addiction. You share your problem and ask for a solution.

You are happy. He is your Best-est friend.

You come back to your seat. Now your phone is in your hand or by your side whole day and you reaching out for it every second or so.

You move from your desk, probably two steps and your phone vibrates. You run back to it. Type and leave your cell again. You move in same direction again, and again you hear your phone vibrates, again you return back and type. You leave your cell again and run, for you may hear it again.

You are back and even before you sit, your hand reaches out to hold your phone.

Finally the day ends and you are happy. Finally you could freely type and access your facebook through your mobile phone. Its 'facebook mobile' as your second blessed friend has suggested. Now you can go home with facebook open every second on your cell till you reach home.

You are driving home. Your phone back to 'general' mode. It rings when you receive a message and you know its some friends news. You check it at every 'stop' signal.

You reach home and open your facebook on your laptop. It shows a birthday update of a friend. You forgot to wish.

How could you, you wonder. You never missed wishing on anybody's birthday. What ill had got into you, you wonder. Well, you think its still today. You can call him now.

You pick up your cell again and dail. A plesant females speaks back:

"You do not have sufficient balance. Please recharge and try again!"

What! you had recharged enormously last week. Where did all that money go! You don't remember calling anyone. Then the unfortunate hits you and you decide to post the birthday wish on the friends wall..

"Hi, Happy b'day..<3....sorry>

Then you go to your second friends wall (the one who suggested using 'facebook mobile') and:

"You Idiot, it costs to use net on cell. You never told me. I will KILL you."

And finally your status read:

"Bloody friends got me killed today. I am out of balance. Give me credit. plz. :("

This goes 'like' by five people in next three minutes.

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shilpi3005 said...

This was hilarious and so true.Every word can be imagined as real.Good goind bro.Continue post exams..hehe