Monday, April 19, 2010

A tribute to Mikey Timmins

I came to know of a 17 year old boy from great britain about 4 weeks ago, when I had chatted with him on my brothers Facebook profile (which had left him with good "comment" quantity, and he was happy).

He had asked my brother of where he stayed an had mentioned his being Birmingham( to which my brother had ignorantly questioned 'where is it?'), Great Britain.

I asked him what he did , and he replied that he was in college, taught boxer. Asked me what I did and told him CA, to which he asked my age and I came to know his- being 17 years. I was delighted to have been acquainted to a foreigner, as we Indians usually do, and was strangely impressed by the curriculum of study in the other countries.

A week after his post read- ' 24 hrs critical.'. I was astonished and on enquiry got to know that he got meningitis and was suppose to require an operation ('on his head' as I came to know 3 days week later by his brother Billy Timmins).

He came but once after that online and whatever I have come to know post operation abot Mikey has been via his brother Billy. I today came to know that Mikey passed away. He was on life support which was decided to be removed, for no chances of his cure was seen.

This I am unable to grasp that how are diseases still taking such toll and could not help thinking of this 17 year old, who had a sweetheart by the name Sophie. A lad of 17 who had not even started collecting memories. An age when a child officially starts to think, feel and understand. Well the cultures may be different, this divide may be enormous but emotions are same.

I will miss you and remember you as a worthy chapter in my story of life. I wish we had met, well I had wished that the first and only time we chatted on my brothers profile. I pray to God that your soul may rest and in next life you meet those you so leave with tear full eyes and pain full hearts.

God Bless you and give strength to your family to coupe with such horrendous loss, that anybody could not think of for anyone-so why does God?

This is Mikey Timmins facebook profile link:

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