Friday, April 9, 2010

My trip to Doon: {Holi 2010}

Last time I was visiting Doon, it was during Holi 0f 2010 (not to mention that I am leaving for Doon tonight) , it was an adventure in itself.

I was visiting with my friends Preeti & Shilpi, for they are friends from my home town-togather since past 18 years now.

I should mention that there are not us but seemings 200 lakh people in delhi who come from outside and seemingly desire to visit home during these festivals. Therefore their is a huge pressure on transportation during these times.

Well with all opponents the good thing we did was book 3 tickets to Doon a week before our journey. And it paid too, for we were able to avoid queue and get our bus and ticket. Well, we were happy, for last time we had to run and fight a lot to get seats in a bus.

The thing that zero'd our happiness and we went cursing was when the bus broke down ,not even half way through, in the middle of no where.

We were shifted to other buses running that day, as we had chosen night bus and extra buses that state thought was necessary due to festive season.

We made rest of our journey sitting on bonnet of the bus, which is luckily inside unlike a car, awake and cross.

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