Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why Bloody facebook!!

[This is written for pure amusement and well a real fact too, for everybody is suffering because of this facebook worm. I will like to say though I may be against facebook addiction, but I do agree of some good things. I have met some very good friends of foreign places. They are treasure to me. What follows has no resemblance to anyone but me. Its a creation of mind with some of the spices added up on my side. I still like to proclaim I am very lucky to find friends like Kevin, Matt, Mikey, Maggie, Carolyn, Ligui on facebook.]

This "facebook" was happening just when I over came the past culprit of time waste namely "orkut". It was like you come out of one vicious circle and got trapped in another. I know I am an addict of technology and an addict never helps himself and always need help. Unlucky for me that I live alone and thus nobody can help me when I sit upright whole, well most of it, night on my laptop.

It happens so when you woke up in the morning with sun well fit up in the sky, staring at you from the window all red with anger. You realize you are late for work and then when you reach office your boss is sitting with that satirical gloom in his eyes and asks "This is happening everyday now?" You try and make excuses, but well off your excuses don't help everyday.

Then you move to your seat and were getting ready for the day or whatever of it you have to spend in office. Then you check your phone, for you feel there could be messages. Yes there are and the number tolls to 8 or 10 during whole time you were travelling. You check them, one from friend and rest from facebook, for you have subscribed to friends updates and comments you receive on your status.

You would not have bothered to comment on these messages until you would have reached home, after all its not good to do a personal satisfying thing using your boss's recourses. But since you know, its tempting. you make your heart strong. You fight with your brain rattling all the while to 'comment', 'reply' or 'like' your friends updates or messages. You decide no, office is not to brood of your personal friendships. Well, you were happily settled at that when your phone vibrates along with "Beep...Beep...SMS", that pleasant tune most of us had heard. You are to check it, but already know what it could be. As you feared another 'comment' on your facebook status. This is too much temptation to control. You snap, you break off the goal of your office to make you feel at home (but not obviously behave as if at home). You check around, no one.

Page downloading........

Sorry Page can not be downloaded.....

New enlightening knowledge just hit you. Or did you forget, your office has a well off I.T.(information Technology, and not Income Tax) Department which has locked off all social networking sites.

Temptation has hit you, and temptation always has one solution to quench. But how you think. In that minute you received another message.

No. God forbid these facebook people who send these messages. A friend updated the status. Now you have reached heights, you could not sit in front of your work files until and unless you have replied.

You get anxious and call a friend. You tell him its happening again, bad then the one with 'orkut', back in college days. Your friend understands, after all he was one of you. He suggests you to focus on your work, you could not afford to skip deadlines. You understands, well good friend always make you do right.

Its one hour past, your phone is on 'silent' mode inside your desk. You haven't checked it since and were able to go through fine. You feel great. But then you receive a call from bose asking you of somebody's number. You without thinking of consequences, and like a good employee reach your desk, pick up your cell phone and press 'unlock' followed by '#'.

God! What is this you see. Thirty messages, What the hell! You think you are the one this site got to stalk so. You give your boss the number he asked for. The phone disconects, but you cell is still in your hand. You are tempted again. You start reading these messages.

'Comment', 'Status' updates, 'Message' this is what fills your cell phone now all from similar looking numbers. You have to reply some, your mind is boggling to share what is coming to your mind. Hell! what should be done. You think of calling the same friend. No! shouts back your conscience. He is a moron, he is a fool and his suggestions are always ruining.

You decide the other one, the possible addict. He is a good friend. He has same passion,err addiction. You share your problem and ask for a solution.

You are happy. He is your Best-est friend.

You come back to your seat. Now your phone is in your hand or by your side whole day and you reaching out for it every second or so.

You move from your desk, probably two steps and your phone vibrates. You run back to it. Type and leave your cell again. You move in same direction again, and again you hear your phone vibrates, again you return back and type. You leave your cell again and run, for you may hear it again.

You are back and even before you sit, your hand reaches out to hold your phone.

Finally the day ends and you are happy. Finally you could freely type and access your facebook through your mobile phone. Its 'facebook mobile' as your second blessed friend has suggested. Now you can go home with facebook open every second on your cell till you reach home.

You are driving home. Your phone back to 'general' mode. It rings when you receive a message and you know its some friends news. You check it at every 'stop' signal.

You reach home and open your facebook on your laptop. It shows a birthday update of a friend. You forgot to wish.

How could you, you wonder. You never missed wishing on anybody's birthday. What ill had got into you, you wonder. Well, you think its still today. You can call him now.

You pick up your cell again and dail. A plesant females speaks back:

"You do not have sufficient balance. Please recharge and try again!"

What! you had recharged enormously last week. Where did all that money go! You don't remember calling anyone. Then the unfortunate hits you and you decide to post the birthday wish on the friends wall..

"Hi, Happy b'day..<3....sorry>

Then you go to your second friends wall (the one who suggested using 'facebook mobile') and:

"You Idiot, it costs to use net on cell. You never told me. I will KILL you."

And finally your status read:

"Bloody friends got me killed today. I am out of balance. Give me credit. plz. :("

This goes 'like' by five people in next three minutes.

Monday, April 26, 2010

A weekend experience of IPL

So it was Sunday ,the 25th of April,2010 and it was Indian Premier League (IPL) Finals. Those who don't know (which is hard ,for Indians are astoundingly crazy for cricket), its a new form of Entertainment and Sport combined, the sport being a cricket match, but that does not matter for entertainment have a bigger do. It was season three (IPL 3) that was running around this year and I don't know when the first have even ended, let alone when did this one start (???). In these matches they only have 20 overs per team and has been devised to be called as 'T20 IPL Season 3'.

Well to start off, I must confess I hate cricket all together. I have never in my life watched even a single over, let alone to talk of Ball. I am absolutely blank (If knowing about four's and six's is knowledge enough) about what cricket is actually, well I was, when Sunday night changed it all.

It was on Thrusday that my mate, Pranjal called me and suggested why not go and watch IPL at the Theater, which was a new thing IPL tried-I told you more entertainment, less sport. I having my own doubts, but wanting to not be thought as a mood spoiler, unsporting, and virtuous enough( yes virtuous, its it to love cricket) I agreed but said he should ask somebody else.

At this point you should know that Pranjal knows I am not into cricket. One should also know he is lazy bones (sorry, but you are) and will not go any where alone, had asked me for he was wanting to go and was not able to find anybody. I being an option of last resort.

On Friday I was called again. He said we would be five going to watch IPL at the theater and to give him my Debit card number to book tickets online. Which I gave to him and which was:
" Write :


I am not revealing it here of course.

So that was it, Rs 150 ticket with online booking charges of Rs 15 additional per head on five living humans going to watch a cricket match at a theater,to be live telecast-ed from Mumbai, four of whom were for the love of it and one despised.

Then came the fortunate evening. We entered the Hall at 7:30 pm with the big play ground of 'Dr DY Patil Sports Academy, Mumbai' was focused on the big screen of The auditorium. It was Chennai Super Kings vs Mumbai Indians.

The start, which took about 15 minutes, was of ending ceromony of IPL 3. This was the most interesting part for me. We had Indian actress Bipasha Basu, Shahid Kapoor and A. R. Rehman performing , with Rehman performing "Jai ho"(which every person in world knows) and "Vande Matram" (my favorite). This being the most captivating part of the entire performance.

The match began after a toss won by Chennai Super Kings who decide to Bat. The whole match was captivating for the other four,or should say everybody in that house full hall besides one, who were howling at every out and growling at every miss, for those supporting Mumbai Indians (Sachin Tendulkar) and vice versa for those supporting Chennai Super Kings (M.S. Dhoni). I on my part was trying hard to keep awake and watch my first match in life, probably my last too, for I had paid for this thing.

Well I was able to watch the whole match not without effort. But the match was good and surprisingly I was able to maintain interest and amazingly didn't fall asleep. I was howling whenever my pals did, I could not have gone against them obviously, had to follow their choice Tendulkar.

Well I assume all have watched the match and already know the results, Chennai Super Kings won. Yahoo!! I am always beside the winning team. With all the supporters of Super Chennai Kings howling and praising for Dhoni, my friends were with faces as if I just passed away. With blames,comments and lots of suggestions we came out of the auditorium.

"It was Mumbai Indians bad Fielding to have allowed Chennai Super Kings to make 168 runs". "No the batting order was wrongly put out, Pollard should have batted first" et al was the conversation beyond my understanding and so no involvement.

We came out of all and all out of the black came to realise we haven't had anything for dinner. Yes everybody forgets dinner on a match day, and amazing I did too. Its 12:35 am and Monday has started. We are hungry and start roaming about in our Columbus-ian search for dinner or breakfast or whatever one could have at that hour. We roamed for half an hour when an idea struck one of places open in Delhi for 24 hours. "Which one", one asked. The other replied, "Places where journey starts or ends, Railway station or an Interstate Bus Terminal(ISBT)."

Had i known this escapade was also a part of this "nice IPL match under AC on big screen" experience I would have delightedly escaped. Alas! Had i only known. We went to Kashmere Gate (ISBT) to have our dinner. The auto charged a hundred , double its day price. I should have understood that here at night everything sells at a double, but again I did not.

We had our dinner, not delicious, but since we were hungry, we veggies would have settled for meat I suppose. This too was charged a double. Then gulping a glass of tea each we went to our friends rented apartment at 3:30am where we dozed off within seconds to be woken up by alarm the next day and rushing for classes and then to office.

It was an experience worth a post.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Memory of Kevin Edmunds

Four days from today (25th April 2010) I send a friend request (on Facebook) and alonglside a message to Kevin Edmunds. I was accepted and he greeted me with a "Hey".

He was son of Mr Andrew Williams and Alice Whitefoot. Born on 24th of August 1990. He was a pleasant boy yearning to learn and with good memory (for he remembered words of hindi I told him).

He loved learning new things and loved hunting, of which I did not approve (well he was jailed and fined for it). He was eager to talk and also responded in Hindi with me, quite a sharp learner I would say.

He was from Ponying he told me and was in Brighton for study (which he did not loved and left after completing his year 12) and work (which he told "Wel i worked at a café, soccer coach for kids and played soccer for a private club".). He had a Horse (Spark) and a Dog (Spike) at his home village in ponying.

He was kind and what I came to know of him in these four days made me close to him. He was a gentle figure of human. He was suffering from a disease called ALS"(amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)".

He loved his family and was very fond of them. He said he wants them to smile always. i felt he was brave to fight with the disease and knowing his end has cum to settle with it. Well I did promise him not to tell of him as a diseased person. Sorry Kevin.When I told Kevin we will miss him, he replied, "Dw i'l always be there every sec wid al my mates." Such positive thought he brooded.

He was funny and enterprising. I told him in next life he should be born as my son and I will name him "Kevin" only. I sent him a Son's request, which he wasn't able to accept (hope he did it in his heart). He also agreed to learn all the pujas (ceremonies), festivals of India and also to the traditional Indian name where my Grand mother and mothers name and his future mother when he is born as my son will be attached and after that our clan name (caste).

He took life very handsomely, though I have not been able to meet him ,which will be a regret always.

My last memory of him is of the game we were playing, where I gave him a word and he was to write what came to his mind (which i basically did to know him better and keep him busy from thinking much at the hospital). The last word i gave him was last night (IST time) was my own name which he did not replied. I will always want to know what he thought of me.

It was at 5:32 am (UK time, as his friend Matt told me) that Kevin's soul left his body.

I lost two great friends on facebook within a week. I don't want to loose more. Hope Kevin met Mikey in the other world.

I wonder what use is this medical field which could not cure a 100 year old disease (as Kevin told me). Or God just wants every good person to leave this earth soon.

This is Kevin's Page on facebook:

Will remember you always Kevin, always. You will be in my Heart.Love.
May your soul Rest in peace.
Hope to meet you in Heaven one day.

Monday, April 19, 2010

For we are Men

Technicality, technicality!

I live aboard a place where there are many mediums of
transportation. save I travel frequently by local trains.
These trains draw from a boarding point and runs to each
station picking or dropping its mates at respective station.

I reside somewhere between these picking and droppings, which
means the station I board from is a continuous momentary

Beginning a year there has been some changes in schedule due
to start of a new train service called 'Ladies Special'.
Its also local but only Women are allowed to board it or
consequently any person who does not have a penis is
allowed to board.

This has resulted in our ( the ones who has penis) train
is rescheduled after the 'Ladies Special'. One can incessantly
guess the male population awaiting with females at the station
when 'Ladies Special' arrives, with all females seemingly
evacuate the station in it. Though the irony is that these
trains are driven by males.

This particular day, for some technical error, the
'Ladies Special' came to a halt at the station. All females on
board, and males standing on the station staring or rather
smirking at this special train. Thank God their are female
law enforcers in every compartment or else this
'Ladies Special' would have been raped of all specialty today.

A point to note is that on all other regular trains, there are
two compartments reserved for women, though they never have any
law enforcers and have been raped out of "being reserved". Still
I wish same could have been done for the ones who have penis.

A further point that I could not help sharing is that number of
females traveling through and fro , for work or else, is only ten
percent of the population-which obviously travel at different
hours. So putting one train for a visit "UP" travel and same for
"Down" travel only once a day is injustice. Well then putting a
'Ladies Special' is injustice in itself. What about equality?

And so its technical as I say ( for I have a penis) that I can not
board a 'Ladies Special'. Though note the drivers of this train who
are males do give a lift in their small chamber to as many as possible.
They surely are sympathetic with the cause, well they have penis too.

A tribute to Mikey Timmins

I came to know of a 17 year old boy from great britain about 4 weeks ago, when I had chatted with him on my brothers Facebook profile (which had left him with good "comment" quantity, and he was happy).

He had asked my brother of where he stayed an had mentioned his being Birmingham( to which my brother had ignorantly questioned 'where is it?'), Great Britain.

I asked him what he did , and he replied that he was in college, taught boxer. Asked me what I did and told him CA, to which he asked my age and I came to know his- being 17 years. I was delighted to have been acquainted to a foreigner, as we Indians usually do, and was strangely impressed by the curriculum of study in the other countries.

A week after his post read- ' 24 hrs critical.'. I was astonished and on enquiry got to know that he got meningitis and was suppose to require an operation ('on his head' as I came to know 3 days week later by his brother Billy Timmins).

He came but once after that online and whatever I have come to know post operation abot Mikey has been via his brother Billy. I today came to know that Mikey passed away. He was on life support which was decided to be removed, for no chances of his cure was seen.

This I am unable to grasp that how are diseases still taking such toll and could not help thinking of this 17 year old, who had a sweetheart by the name Sophie. A lad of 17 who had not even started collecting memories. An age when a child officially starts to think, feel and understand. Well the cultures may be different, this divide may be enormous but emotions are same.

I will miss you and remember you as a worthy chapter in my story of life. I wish we had met, well I had wished that the first and only time we chatted on my brothers profile. I pray to God that your soul may rest and in next life you meet those you so leave with tear full eyes and pain full hearts.

God Bless you and give strength to your family to coupe with such horrendous loss, that anybody could not think of for anyone-so why does God?

This is Mikey Timmins facebook profile link:

The Will of Earth

I am dying. The sheer fact that it is known to all doesn't
put remorse in anybody's heart. It is told to them, artific
salutes being made-movies, paintings and representations.

I am dying and they know it all. Still I am laden with dirt-
the pollutants from human industries, garbage from houses.
I thought I gave you food. I was once proud of it, of giving
you bounties of fruits, chemicals, precious stones. I thought
I do so great. Have so many children that I bore. My sisters
had warned me. My son Moon warned me the day this human
specie invaded him. I had not cared.

My son Moon told me that what I am so proud of, and one that is
capable of reaching him could change nature all togather. I was
warned this race has outdid time and time will outdo them. My
sisters all from Jupiter to Pluto warned me that those who do not
stick to their nature and are curious to know more than their
capability, such creatures bring their own doom.

My sisters, my son you did warn me and I had not taken heed.
Now my doom has been created with these humans still careless,
still irreversible in their acts.

O, still still, this Earth sisters, this Earth, my son will play
out foul and these humans run to sheath on you all. O, still! still!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Malicious Heat

Its summer again, and in delhi its already on my mind-so
you know how hot it would be. Its the time which is longest,
for its hot here for 3/4 of a year.

The most hatable thing is how you get up in the morning and its
sweat on your body,reminded of the sheer fact that you have not bought a
cooler yet and could not afford an air conditioner.

You want to bathe quickly with cold water, but your tank always has it hot
since previous day. You wait for the government tap to start dripping so
as to have a cold water bath.

You bathed and feel relaxed, start dressing for you have office and duties
to fulfill, and whats this-perspiration again.

God, Heat-hate!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A rendezvous with destiny

The time wasted is time lost. This particular thought incited
people to move fast in life, faster still to achieve something.
We all are looking for something in life, or rather running
after something, what that is not all know. It is flickering
with time-changing in nature, shifting its place and is never
found where it was vouched to have been seen before.

The destiny, call it desire which is more sinfuland achievable
than destiny which most of us are in sheer glint of. Desire of
"haves" is as peculiar as theories of "Demand","Supply" et al.

Once achieved the value gets lost. Guess that is why it is
claimed that God keeps us quavering for if we come to know the
Destiny is being achieved the worth of living will be forgotten.
That could be due to this that humans are never short of desires.
They get multiplied whole and whole. It is not in human to settle
with on achievement, that is why we quiver.

We are humans in all our best and worst and will remain with this
peculiar human traits. We will half loose ourselves the day we
reach our destinies and stop desiring.

In short their cannot be a rendezvous with destiny, not atleast alive.

Friday, April 9, 2010

My trip to Doon: {Holi 2010}

Last time I was visiting Doon, it was during Holi 0f 2010 (not to mention that I am leaving for Doon tonight) , it was an adventure in itself.

I was visiting with my friends Preeti & Shilpi, for they are friends from my home town-togather since past 18 years now.

I should mention that there are not us but seemings 200 lakh people in delhi who come from outside and seemingly desire to visit home during these festivals. Therefore their is a huge pressure on transportation during these times.

Well with all opponents the good thing we did was book 3 tickets to Doon a week before our journey. And it paid too, for we were able to avoid queue and get our bus and ticket. Well, we were happy, for last time we had to run and fight a lot to get seats in a bus.

The thing that zero'd our happiness and we went cursing was when the bus broke down ,not even half way through, in the middle of no where.

We were shifted to other buses running that day, as we had chosen night bus and extra buses that state thought was necessary due to festive season.

We made rest of our journey sitting on bonnet of the bus, which is luckily inside unlike a car, awake and cross.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Of Wishing, Desiring & Achieving

I wish! I desire! But do I achieve every single thing I wish for? Certainly not.

The certainly, is it worthwhile to feel under achieve, curse that we over desire and most of all wish for not wishing again. What musings will it take to realize. What experience will make us considerate to these "Dreams".

We can not extinguish what all is exciting in life. We wish, we desire and we work hard to achieve desires and pray hard for our wishes to come true. These make us live. Its motive to life and not life itself.

Achieving, ITS LIFE.


Oh Lord Give Pain,
To those who gave me birth,
I gave nothing,
For who was to know,
What it has in store for me-
This Life..

Monday, April 5, 2010

This Work & its facilitators

Have you ever felt why are you working? Why are you stucking with this particular employer? Why are you taking such pity, which is obviously thrown at you with loath? Why are you still carrying along with your colleagues, which are running on your nerves?

Every person has their own reason for their own selection. One friend of mine replied,"You don't have a choice sometimes. You lack the will. You lack on funds. You are stuck in the cycle of waking up everyday, without will, starting off to office, where you feel strange, and face same old colleagues, boss and their obnoxious egos'."

This has inspired this post.

Well in my opinion we are always tiring off by things sooner or later. the fact remains : We get tired. Human by nature, psychology, sociology is in constant need of change. Whether change of acquaintances, change of job profile,et al. It is due to this reason that we get tired of running through the same life everyday. Well I do not deny the reasons, for they make us sad for stopping us to satisfy this requirement.

Everything can not happen in itself though. You could stay happy in whatever condition you are, you just need to focus right.

If you think the office will be bad always, you need to go and stay in jungle again. Well that would actually be relieving. No complexity of culture or work and hunt for your own food. The man has got complex overtime and has behavior changes overtime.

You would notice the change in behavior of your colleague , boss from the first day you joined the institution to six months later. You could find chunks of changes.

This does not mean you suck up to them. You play with the tide untill its harmless, then you gradually settle for the side.

The job will always suck the third day. Its your decision to take a new on the fourth.

Choose judiciously.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Sanias' Desperation

Sania is one of the current favourite in Media, Politics (of not only India, but Pakistan as well), and 'aam aadmi'. Well, the cause is know: Her alleged marrige to Shohaib Malik of Pakistan. This act, which may have crept out of Love or sheer desperation of Sania Mirza, can not be contemplated (after all I am no reporter).

The Media, Politics and Public (for our country runs in that order) have seemingly mala fied the whole affair. This is very much not Indians should behave. Well about that what my views are similar to a friend : Who can be read on (for I am feeling lazy and that is not what I intend to write.

I am dedicating this blog, gambling about reasons, Why she choose to marry?

Its desperation that is answered, She was quite into getting married the last time when she jilted the groom. This, as is Indian, must have brought a bad name. And because she is a public figure this 'bad name' got carried to whole of the world. This explains her choice for a Pakistani.

Now when she has this bad publicity to her head (which, by the way, was medias' Lolipop for over a week), who will marry her now. The parents must have shattered, after all every mother wants to see her daughter married and off. Well the padosis' must have started talking, they all do and always within hearing. One of her parents, usually dads', would have overheard a padosan talk melancholy about the poor super tennis player Sania. <'n' I bet they would compare abot some settled girl of same age from around the colony.> Hearing this the father must have felt the ache in his heart. he must have been tensed for weeks before revealing his mind th his wife,with words like," We can not keep a girl for long. Its suffocating." Now the mom will also get courage to speak, for she has her mind on same topic, but being a female could not have given mouth to such feeling. This, I am sure, was heard by Sania herself. Now she decides to marry.

Being from the famous fraternity she has her contacts. She must have rummaged her mind, for who could be her possible groom. She must have thought of going back to the previous groom, but remembers she is famous, she can not further dust her position. Then she must have thought of her powerful heritage of being a woman. She could marry anyone she wants. She must have browsed through her address book of various famous people she has come to know over these years. must have spent days checking out pros' and cons' of each and every possibility. Then shortlisting and finally arriving to a decision.

And this my friend solves: Shohaib Malik, famous cricket player from Pakistan, to be Sanias'.

*laughs hysterically while posting*

Thursday, April 1, 2010

This mess is called -AUDIT

Hello, if there is anybody out there reading this.

I am a professional, though under construction, and due to be completed in May'11. Thats future, but current market requirements want of a professional of my field to be full of wits.

So, I am a professional: what sort is something my colleagues could elucidate better. This is not to brag about professionalism or anything budding in the field. This is to elucidate what i found one of the most messy job of it all, more than a Doctors' operation or a Dentists' scaling, for I am none.

This I write as my budding intention to share that an Audit is a very messy job.

This is what I argue:

1. You Look for nooks in something that has so past gone. Well you may call it Going concern, Investors interest, et al. But it still, though I hv studied or rather mugged what reasons are there, is so much troubling that why cant the so called records be checked simultaneously. Why Statutory Audit at the end of the year? Why not Statutory Continuous Audit (SCA), a degree in itself for a company.

2. Why you have to look at each and every entry made in the Financial Year under Audit. Why you have to torture everyone, the Audit team & the Company. Oh why! o y! o y?

3. Why, when on Audit, do I have to wear those formals in this heat. I am baked under those full sleeves.

4. Why we are thought experts of every thing, we are also humans-though tested to our nerves. No, I don't know what is the foreign exchange rate today!! What do you have net for.

5. Why cann't an Accountant be a plesant person, who excepts his faults, instead of prooving Auditors wrong.

6. Those heavy files, no I do not want to carry them, YOU bring them to me.

7. Finally, I can not stay out if home for so long. Why can't it be quick and easy.

Thus, I have argued about how Audit is messy. Some will say why I joined the profession then, for them, the cat may be carnivorous but it also knows how to live on milk.