Saturday, April 17, 2010

A rendezvous with destiny

The time wasted is time lost. This particular thought incited
people to move fast in life, faster still to achieve something.
We all are looking for something in life, or rather running
after something, what that is not all know. It is flickering
with time-changing in nature, shifting its place and is never
found where it was vouched to have been seen before.

The destiny, call it desire which is more sinfuland achievable
than destiny which most of us are in sheer glint of. Desire of
"haves" is as peculiar as theories of "Demand","Supply" et al.

Once achieved the value gets lost. Guess that is why it is
claimed that God keeps us quavering for if we come to know the
Destiny is being achieved the worth of living will be forgotten.
That could be due to this that humans are never short of desires.
They get multiplied whole and whole. It is not in human to settle
with on achievement, that is why we quiver.

We are humans in all our best and worst and will remain with this
peculiar human traits. We will half loose ourselves the day we
reach our destinies and stop desiring.

In short their cannot be a rendezvous with destiny, not atleast alive.

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