Monday, April 19, 2010

The Will of Earth

I am dying. The sheer fact that it is known to all doesn't
put remorse in anybody's heart. It is told to them, artific
salutes being made-movies, paintings and representations.

I am dying and they know it all. Still I am laden with dirt-
the pollutants from human industries, garbage from houses.
I thought I gave you food. I was once proud of it, of giving
you bounties of fruits, chemicals, precious stones. I thought
I do so great. Have so many children that I bore. My sisters
had warned me. My son Moon warned me the day this human
specie invaded him. I had not cared.

My son Moon told me that what I am so proud of, and one that is
capable of reaching him could change nature all togather. I was
warned this race has outdid time and time will outdo them. My
sisters all from Jupiter to Pluto warned me that those who do not
stick to their nature and are curious to know more than their
capability, such creatures bring their own doom.

My sisters, my son you did warn me and I had not taken heed.
Now my doom has been created with these humans still careless,
still irreversible in their acts.

O, still still, this Earth sisters, this Earth, my son will play
out foul and these humans run to sheath on you all. O, still! still!

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