Monday, June 7, 2010

The World Environment Day: Hypocrisy

The World environment celebrated on 5th June every year. The elated fact came to my reminiscent memory after I popped open the days newspaper. It was exactly like an alarm clock bugging in on a hangover. With sleepy eyes I open to look for the hot news in our ever hot newspapers and on every page I found articles about Birds, trees, sewerage, on-going construction sites menace etc. It was then the realization came over.

So it was World Environment Day and it seemed everybody was doing his part or trying to or just pretending to. I won’t judge.

I am a person of conscience and so it happens as a matter of fact it shrieks, shouts and attempts to help me decide a right. A fact remains that I am human and human does not so much listen to his conscience too much. So these facts cleared, my conscience shrieked me to contribute. My mind boggled hw I can share it.

Another fact that 5th June this year in 2010 happened to be a Saturday. As out of a routine, recently developed, I am used to sit up on my laptop for a very secretive US-UK-INDIA well actually the worlds top mission—Mission Facebook.

As my mind was still boggling me to think of a contribution I could make to preserve our environment I found a friends update wishing a “Happy Environment Day”. This made me think why wish this a particular day or boggle your mind to contribute on this day. This act requires being committed every day. Well as I already said I am a human my status read-“Happy Environment Day—on this day I decide to 1. Recycle, 2. No plastic, 3 Plant trees”.

Satisfied with my petty and pathetic contribution on this Environment Day I went to throw out the garbage in a polyethylene bag.

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shilpi3005 said...

So true and upfront.This is what actually one does besides making false claims.Atleast u r honest:-)


Thx , n i found it the case with every body.. I mean y have one day dedicated to enviornment..its an issue that requires our attention everyday..