Friday, June 25, 2010

Love-shove (Crap-shap)

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“I love you dammit!! Fuckin love you!!!”
“eeh..”, was the response by the mind where the statement either did not cooked or else burned down even before get tasted.
Well how many times a woman does hears such a statement from a man. One could guess outright- numerous!
There comes a time when one has to no matter what accept it and ask it. The one always being from the male fraternity.

The question or more sort of a forced revelation here came from Satish. The guy had been overly conscious in front of his classmate in college and after advisory from all his friends-learned, champions and unluckily single- had concluded it to be his ‘Love’. The emotions and sentiments were discussed among friends in his presence- and should be told- also in his absence, and thereby derived that Satish has finally found his ‘Love’.

“Abey, This is how you will say it? Proposing or Looting yaar??”, yelled one of the learned.
“Idiot!! Will die single!!”, revealed another with strong proximity of knowing the future.
“Leave him. He can’t do it”, proclaimed the third.
“Haram-khoron!! Sitting there and commenting have you ever revealed your heard to any woman!! Bloody sitting and enjoying!!!”, called an irate Satish.
This was the practice of proposing Priya, the concluded gild for Satish.
The learned group of single friends who always come up for the fellow non-single mates in quest for his love one. A reliable group trying to match-make for each other and in the process making it entirely complicated –‘who-is-looking-for-whom’.
The group had met at odd occasions –day, night, before college, after college- and had trained their mate for the next step of his life- Proposing or Mating for that matter. After weeks of rigorous training, they were satisfied with the outcome and decided the following day is auspicious for the proposal.

After great lecturing about dos and don’ts to be taken care of at the time the great revelation, they left Satish to his own devices. Priya came to college as usual. A simple face, with no make-up wearing a jeans and a full length T-shirt over it. Nothing extraordinary or out of the blue. A woman who could easily be lost in a crowd among others. Satish saw her. He found her. Now he searches for this face every morning in college. A face he more eagerly expects to look at then visiting the temple regularly.

In spite of his friend’s recommendations and training he had decided something of his own. Something irregular, something unique- something she has not heard of and thereby being his chance for this lottery.


“Hello, Priya.”, uttered a perspiration filled Satish.
“Yes?”, enquired the lady on being stalked so.
“Sorry to stop you in this manner. I have something to say”, managed Satish.
“What? My T-shirt not right? Does something shows?”, gasped Priya evoked by this thought and started checking for any misfits.
“No, No, NO! I have been looking to talk to you regarding a very special subject”
“Can we move to a less crowded zone.”
“Why? I don’t go to corners with strange men. I know your sorts. Wanting to take advantage of decent girls.”
Satish could not help to form a word for minutes. What he had thought, planned is not only going down but the characteristics of his lady love –which he had imagined all this while- does not match with her true self.
“NO!! I am not going to take any advantage. Please listen, its important.” ,begged Satish.
“I know your types.”, claimed Priya and started to walk away from him.
“Listen,” said Satish as he reached for her hand. She turned back. Satish thought exactly like he had hoped it to happen. But before he could utter the formed words in his mouth ready to find sound Priya said, “You love me, don’t you!”
Satish shocked that Priya knew and at the same time thinking why she did not talked to him if she knew. But he said, “Yes, How do you know!?”
“I have been proposed by four other guys in this college. Cheapsters!! Don’t know anything about woman.”
And she went off with all her sanctity and Satish standing there bewildered why he did not got to say more. More, for his love was greater than those other four morons. His love was pure. His love was above all.


The friends awaiting eagerly for Satish return and to know of the gains in his quest, inquired of him.
“Women are confused.God knows what women want.”, mused Satish,” Love-shove, Crap-shap”

Saturday, June 12, 2010

When Cupid struck me First 2006


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A first crush, a feeling that creeps up in some part of your heart and either sinks down to your stomach and is digested like a good food or else climbs up your head, then unraveling madness strikes you.

This feeling did not anyhow struck me at the age of nineteen for before that I never knew anything that could be so exciting, dangerous and occupying at the same time.

My first crush happened to be a girl in second year of my college. A hearty soul, a paradigm divine. I had been shifted from section B in my college to Section A (reader do not consider it a promotion, as sections were allotted on first admission basis, though it brought an advancement in my hearts life).

I did not know of such a soul as Sonia existed in any universe- this or parallel. But to my surprise it did. I saw her a week after college had started, for I was late in rejoining. She sat on the middle row front bench that day. I could not have helped noticing her, well who can with a person present who is not only beauty but a witting mind for which not many in female sect are famous. She has an every ready comment for everything.

The first lecture of second year (well, for me at least) was in proceeding. My phone rang in between and I was all in shock for I thought it was on silent mode and hence had not effort-ed to bother a check. The preposterous rings (which happened to be “Addicted” by Enrique on my newly bought Sony K700i) were accompanied by a comment (which enchanted me ever till now) “Show-off”.

I looked to my right front at the middle front bench from where the comment came. Well a woman so confident to comment aloud in middle of a running class, when even the professor wasn’t bothered, engorged me.

At this point I must also tell about Nidhi. She was with me in Section B and we were transferred together with others like Shreya (another beauty in our session, who somehow was never single from the first year itself-well good options are always pre occupied) and others. Nidhi and I used to hang out too much (which was strictly studies I assure).But as it is that people won’t leave a good friendship of two opposite sexes unblemished and rumor had it, we were girl-friend and boy-friend within months in our first year itself (Crap!!). And as bad name flies faster than wind or may be at the peculiar same speed it had reached in Section A, or I wonder every body in all sections knew about it.

By now I had advanced in talking to my assaulter on the first day of second year. In front of her I was like a first year being ragged. I had secured in asking her for her cell phone number. Sonia had friends like her. Manika, a girl with enthusiastic retort for every reasonable utterance. Divya, with all hearts of making everybody smile and not to speak of her fights with professors. I wonder how, but they made a good pair for a jostling happening life.

Well as nature has it, Nidhi was being stalked about the same question about whether I was her boy-friend. This time it was the goddess herself along with group. This just in progress when I reached college and Nidhi begged to be rescued. Well it was hard, with a figurine of Aphrodite in front of me, but I managed to deny the very fact that I even know Nidhi. A curious cat does not stay calm when she smells fish. And like it they wont stop. So I claimed girl-as-a-friend Apostle. Sonia said “We don’t know of such a thing and a girlfriend is a kissy-wissy thing only”. Hearing it, I do not know was it butterflies or rats, but something kicked and I replied “Well it’s not the case and so she is not mine. If you want I could be yours.” and hurried from the corridor as quickly as the words came.

The next and most of my grueling in this first or last crush was at my apartment. I have shifted in my second year with friends Pranjal and Anant in separate sections of same course. They both are witness to a long process of a liter hearts romance turning into and obsession and finally settling around somewhere between stomach and mind.

At points it became so delightful to visit college in view to look at her but nothing fanciful. I wonder if I could have been used as a pawn and sometimes wonder it would have felt great if I had been. Well I deposited exam fees for her and friends, and it felt great don’t know why-does that count?

The point of my obsession reached so high that I messaged her of my hearts state at night and even denied looking at her the next morning. Well guess that could be something that this crush is still so and has stayed alive somewhat in these four past years.

It wasn’t a filmy story which ends good and then of course nobody talks of post-love life for the people. Well nobody wants to hear that and this post it not about it either. Well it is a good hearts memory and I do not know how it reads when I have mouthed it.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Biogenetics: A Marvell

I recently watched “The Sixth Day” starring Arnold and the sci-fi movie about cloning and advantages. This thought of Cloning et al is around now for several years. Well my sister who happens to be a science student, unlike me who cowardly hid away (and certainly no regrets at that) tells me it’s a very outdated topic.

Of what I know, from my knowledge gained from bits and parts, cloning is just a narrow part of the bigger field – Biogenetics. This field has a number of hidden secrets in it.

If one can clone a whole humans as have happened in last decade, human parts can also be cloned. It can also be imagined that how a person with an amputated limb can go back home with a perfectly new one. Obviously it is not possible to clone a 20 year old directly, as if already population is quite controlled, it is greatly possible to increase a healthy life for person.

A lung cancer patient can have a cloned lung implanted. Well this is being worked upon, is exciting to think about.

Not only humans but animals, The animals extinct now, thanks to humans the guardian can restore back our environment. With environment troubles around saving our flora and fauna can become easy of a sudden.

But then a vision requires great efforts to be converted to reality. Hope somebody somewhere is unriddling it.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vaishno Devi Trip 2006

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A divine trip was not in my mind when my pal Ashwani suggested we go on a trip together to celebrate, well too many things at once. One, we cleared first year in college. Two, they all got cleared in their CA papers. Three, our friendship strengthened in last one year of our college life so this was a very welcome celebration. Four, We needed to get out of Delhi any way. Hence a trip to Vaishno Devi was readily accepted in September of 2006.

Therefore, we five Ashwani, Pranjal, Manish, Ashwanis aunts son Atul and myself were booked for the trip. Tickets bought of Indian Railways by the proposer himself a month before the trip. Most of the college in that one month was spent deciding what to take and what not to, also of the search for an appartment in the vicinity of our college since I and Pranjal had decided to live together that year.

Well the auspicious three day trip time had arrived. I and Pranjal arrived together as we were roomies now. Manish arriving from Gaziabad and Ashwani from Shahadra (though he lived in Faridabad) with Atul.

The train was timed at 2300 hours and we certainly were too excited to reach the place by 2000 hours. We chatted a bit and stories were exchanged of various other trips five of us have had in past 20 years of our life.

Excited and eccentric we boarded our train 'Jammu Tavi Express' when it was announced. We immediately changed to easy goin half pants since our whole night will be spent in train and the proposed time of arrival happened to be 0630 hours the next morning. We had brought about a number of items to spend in the night and since we knew no body's gonna get to sleep on the whole trip for it was all about having fun. These items included an Mp3 player, Cards and Ludo. Pretty much of every thing required. Since we had fed ourselves a nice feast till the time train had arrived we only carried water bottels for the trip.

We started by chatting around some more, well that is one thing that did not stop the whole trip to be precise. Well a whole trip of video-ing each other on our camera phones. Playing cards and gnawing fraud by one or another. The ludo time with four sitting on the upper booth and one sitting by the window hearing to Mp3 player and commenting on stations passed by. Needless to mention that others about us were sound asleep. Though there were comments on the tube still on at 0100 hours in the morning which some how increased to there sleeplessness, than the fact that a whole room was moving. A pleasure that none of us could enjoy since a moving room and a shaking bed was not our idea of a perfect sleep.

A particular incident in the train which, all must have experienced or witnessed once in a while if you travel by Indian railways, well that was mine first. An elderly gentleman had been on the train awake as we were and who clearly forgot which berth he was allotted to and roamed about in the train from one to another, chatting friendlily. Later, We found out he did not had a confirmed reservation. Poor soul had to bribe the train conductor and go without a berth. There was also a commotion about the train when he was next to our berth. I did not hear it complete, for I had Mp3 thrust into my ears. Later I found out he found a very unwelcome berth to hang about which was possessed by a lady at that moment. Rest could be imagined.

Well the train unlike the natural order of things with railways in India, arrive pretty much on time. Ashwani has arranged it all. Actually he was a regular Vaishno Devi pilgrim - may be every other month. We went to a 'Dharamshala' where we had a room to us. We relaxed and freshened up.

In an hour or so we were all ready to start our climb up the Himalayas, the auspicious pilgrimage to Vaishno Devi. The long stretch pathway which now also has trolley for what I believe sick and old, but is also used by really dull people who can not imagine what they miss down the mountainous path.

The Delhi we started from was hot with departing summer which wasn't too complacent to leave. Here it was cold and unrealistically or so to say to the ill advise of my dear roomie I did not took a single strand of a warm cloth up here. Now as we moved up carrying our baggage's with us and with temperature falling and with nothing on I had a reaction. At this point you should know this does not happen to me during winter and I am from hills of Uttrakhand, but Jammu is really cold. Well the reaction was that my body to say warm was making me to visit the loo, and that too really soon. This and every public convenience from base of the journey till we climbed up I actually have tested all the toilets.

Ashwani, as I have told is a regular pilgrim, so he knew the ways quite right. So we used cheat codes and reached a level high. In my defense I was just following.

It was a fascinating trip ever with pauses to snap photos off two cameras we took with us (one of Manish and the other of Ashwani) and to feast.

At night we were up the mountain and really close to the temple. Ashwani the expert guide informed a morning aarti at 0500 hours the next morning is the best time for darshan. We all readily agreed. I still cold already had made five trips to the toilet in past five minutes of our arrival at the hotel, was suggested to lay down. Well I dozed off after a cup of tea and a conversation about wishes we were to ask tommorrow.

The next morning i was woken up by 0400 hours. everybody had tea and freshened up.I was made to wear three shirts for they sought I wont survive, which i thought could have been the case way up.

At 0500 hours we were in the line outside the temple with Prasad in our hands. It was exciting and not to mention cold. We went in through the temple and down the cave. It was fascinating inside the cave where you have to duck and move.

Back outside we headed our way down which was really quick then the climb. With still regular pauses for Breakfast, Lunch and Photo.

On our way down, we took a dip in river Ganga. It was a real refreshing bath in the cold water, actually fills one with warmth and calmness.

We reached the Jammu Tavi station on time. It was a night journey back as well- though this time a moving compartment, a shaking bed of iron did not stop us and we all dozed off silently on the trip back to Delhi.

Monday, June 7, 2010

The World Environment Day: Hypocrisy

The World environment celebrated on 5th June every year. The elated fact came to my reminiscent memory after I popped open the days newspaper. It was exactly like an alarm clock bugging in on a hangover. With sleepy eyes I open to look for the hot news in our ever hot newspapers and on every page I found articles about Birds, trees, sewerage, on-going construction sites menace etc. It was then the realization came over.

So it was World Environment Day and it seemed everybody was doing his part or trying to or just pretending to. I won’t judge.

I am a person of conscience and so it happens as a matter of fact it shrieks, shouts and attempts to help me decide a right. A fact remains that I am human and human does not so much listen to his conscience too much. So these facts cleared, my conscience shrieked me to contribute. My mind boggled hw I can share it.

Another fact that 5th June this year in 2010 happened to be a Saturday. As out of a routine, recently developed, I am used to sit up on my laptop for a very secretive US-UK-INDIA well actually the worlds top mission—Mission Facebook.

As my mind was still boggling me to think of a contribution I could make to preserve our environment I found a friends update wishing a “Happy Environment Day”. This made me think why wish this a particular day or boggle your mind to contribute on this day. This act requires being committed every day. Well as I already said I am a human my status read-“Happy Environment Day—on this day I decide to 1. Recycle, 2. No plastic, 3 Plant trees”.

Satisfied with my petty and pathetic contribution on this Environment Day I went to throw out the garbage in a polyethylene bag.

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