Friday, April 2, 2010

Sanias' Desperation

Sania is one of the current favourite in Media, Politics (of not only India, but Pakistan as well), and 'aam aadmi'. Well, the cause is know: Her alleged marrige to Shohaib Malik of Pakistan. This act, which may have crept out of Love or sheer desperation of Sania Mirza, can not be contemplated (after all I am no reporter).

The Media, Politics and Public (for our country runs in that order) have seemingly mala fied the whole affair. This is very much not Indians should behave. Well about that what my views are similar to a friend : Who can be read on (for I am feeling lazy and that is not what I intend to write.

I am dedicating this blog, gambling about reasons, Why she choose to marry?

Its desperation that is answered, She was quite into getting married the last time when she jilted the groom. This, as is Indian, must have brought a bad name. And because she is a public figure this 'bad name' got carried to whole of the world. This explains her choice for a Pakistani.

Now when she has this bad publicity to her head (which, by the way, was medias' Lolipop for over a week), who will marry her now. The parents must have shattered, after all every mother wants to see her daughter married and off. Well the padosis' must have started talking, they all do and always within hearing. One of her parents, usually dads', would have overheard a padosan talk melancholy about the poor super tennis player Sania. <'n' I bet they would compare abot some settled girl of same age from around the colony.> Hearing this the father must have felt the ache in his heart. he must have been tensed for weeks before revealing his mind th his wife,with words like," We can not keep a girl for long. Its suffocating." Now the mom will also get courage to speak, for she has her mind on same topic, but being a female could not have given mouth to such feeling. This, I am sure, was heard by Sania herself. Now she decides to marry.

Being from the famous fraternity she has her contacts. She must have rummaged her mind, for who could be her possible groom. She must have thought of going back to the previous groom, but remembers she is famous, she can not further dust her position. Then she must have thought of her powerful heritage of being a woman. She could marry anyone she wants. She must have browsed through her address book of various famous people she has come to know over these years. must have spent days checking out pros' and cons' of each and every possibility. Then shortlisting and finally arriving to a decision.

And this my friend solves: Shohaib Malik, famous cricket player from Pakistan, to be Sanias'.

*laughs hysterically while posting*

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shilpi3005 said...

I wouldnt call it Sania's desperation, but the media's ill publicity.Bal Thakrey is all set to rip her image apart by calling her not an indian by heart,and an enemy for India..Why the hell is anybody concerned bout whom is she getting married to? Ya she is paying the price of being a celebrity.