Monday, April 19, 2010

For we are Men

Technicality, technicality!

I live aboard a place where there are many mediums of
transportation. save I travel frequently by local trains.
These trains draw from a boarding point and runs to each
station picking or dropping its mates at respective station.

I reside somewhere between these picking and droppings, which
means the station I board from is a continuous momentary

Beginning a year there has been some changes in schedule due
to start of a new train service called 'Ladies Special'.
Its also local but only Women are allowed to board it or
consequently any person who does not have a penis is
allowed to board.

This has resulted in our ( the ones who has penis) train
is rescheduled after the 'Ladies Special'. One can incessantly
guess the male population awaiting with females at the station
when 'Ladies Special' arrives, with all females seemingly
evacuate the station in it. Though the irony is that these
trains are driven by males.

This particular day, for some technical error, the
'Ladies Special' came to a halt at the station. All females on
board, and males standing on the station staring or rather
smirking at this special train. Thank God their are female
law enforcers in every compartment or else this
'Ladies Special' would have been raped of all specialty today.

A point to note is that on all other regular trains, there are
two compartments reserved for women, though they never have any
law enforcers and have been raped out of "being reserved". Still
I wish same could have been done for the ones who have penis.

A further point that I could not help sharing is that number of
females traveling through and fro , for work or else, is only ten
percent of the population-which obviously travel at different
hours. So putting one train for a visit "UP" travel and same for
"Down" travel only once a day is injustice. Well then putting a
'Ladies Special' is injustice in itself. What about equality?

And so its technical as I say ( for I have a penis) that I can not
board a 'Ladies Special'. Though note the drivers of this train who
are males do give a lift in their small chamber to as many as possible.
They surely are sympathetic with the cause, well they have penis too.

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