Thursday, April 1, 2010

This mess is called -AUDIT

Hello, if there is anybody out there reading this.

I am a professional, though under construction, and due to be completed in May'11. Thats future, but current market requirements want of a professional of my field to be full of wits.

So, I am a professional: what sort is something my colleagues could elucidate better. This is not to brag about professionalism or anything budding in the field. This is to elucidate what i found one of the most messy job of it all, more than a Doctors' operation or a Dentists' scaling, for I am none.

This I write as my budding intention to share that an Audit is a very messy job.

This is what I argue:

1. You Look for nooks in something that has so past gone. Well you may call it Going concern, Investors interest, et al. But it still, though I hv studied or rather mugged what reasons are there, is so much troubling that why cant the so called records be checked simultaneously. Why Statutory Audit at the end of the year? Why not Statutory Continuous Audit (SCA), a degree in itself for a company.

2. Why you have to look at each and every entry made in the Financial Year under Audit. Why you have to torture everyone, the Audit team & the Company. Oh why! o y! o y?

3. Why, when on Audit, do I have to wear those formals in this heat. I am baked under those full sleeves.

4. Why we are thought experts of every thing, we are also humans-though tested to our nerves. No, I don't know what is the foreign exchange rate today!! What do you have net for.

5. Why cann't an Accountant be a plesant person, who excepts his faults, instead of prooving Auditors wrong.

6. Those heavy files, no I do not want to carry them, YOU bring them to me.

7. Finally, I can not stay out if home for so long. Why can't it be quick and easy.

Thus, I have argued about how Audit is messy. Some will say why I joined the profession then, for them, the cat may be carnivorous but it also knows how to live on milk.

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