Monday, March 29, 2010

We are fooled off our own kindness

Err, Irritation, is mother of no devices. This is what I have come to acknowledge, though late, in my life. It begins like an ant walking on ice cube, which then turns into a pool of water with the ant in the middle, desperate to escape, of no point. The end is Irreversible.

The Irritation and the Irreversibility of actions are the not key to anything but silent destruction of ones own articulated Composure, which once broken is hard to restore.

Then when you so perfectly owned, your Composure, and have to give away to these filthy 'Irr', which one would have not minded if spelled, Erritation and Erreversibility.

What cause could it be to erupt such a loss. Was it new neighbors? Was it that women who borrowed and has not returned? Was it ones' own self??

Well one is not capable of seeing his own Faults, or Incapabilities.

We will always testify we were Good, Kind and Just in every aspect you could look at it. Never been more Perfect in life.

It is always others, as one assures, always. The defining lady next door. Yes the culprit women who has no intention of returning the borrowed. And of course not self at all.

We did it Right, we think later, we did it Fine. It was then we realize that all that Good,Kind, Just had played a mockery on one self, and now its no more a pretense of Composure. There is Irritation.

Plain and sour.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You Look Amazing-II

Now people I haven't till yet revealed the "opportunity" I had referred about. I have though revealed the proceeding of it, the chanced luck, as now I think, of meeting Ms L in that place which holds a great divide from my home. I now proceed further an promise not to extend a short story much, an reveal everything in this edition of my post.

My chanced popping or else pooping which I instantly thought as those words escaped my mouth, were rather pleasantly taken by the earthen lady. She stopped at first and stared with a angry glance towards me, as if I was a thief caught red handed, that I thought I am in for a trouble.

I am neither brave nor respite-fully handsome at first or rather any time to look at. (This I think my duty to inform the reader.) But this time, of all others if there was any, I showed courage to proceed, rather then stay silent, and continue with my meal and let her think she mistook. Then clenching my brains into thinking, what could have possibly happened might I have talked.

I proceeded cautiously, as if I was about to catch a chicken for lunch and step slow for it has wings. "Hello Miss.", I responded to no answer but a cold stare.

"Hello Lady."

This time she responded as if sure the words flew from my mouth to her ears, for her expression changed and she returned back to her seat , facing me.

"Hi!", she retorted, much open to give way to a conversation now.

"Have you been here long, for I never noticed you?", was the question I thought appropriate to commence with.

She was actually and I have been right she has been in some other department therefore I never saw her. I found her a pleasant person to be with. She also had a glare to learn about people for she had studied psychology for sometime back home. I could not believe we talked as if acquainted to each other for a very long time. We exchanged numbers in the lunch area, very uncommon episode for me.

I called her immediately after reaching home.

We made out plans in our consecutive meetings in the lunch area an due to her acquaintance I have come to know a whole breed of foreigners working in the organisation.

Well hurrying up to this opportunity for I am not a romantic writer and nor there was any romance in this tale of mine. I left their office, having fulfilled my duty, some two weeks ago now.
And I recieved a call from Ms L that there is a place vacant in the company which requires full-time work (which I could not provide) and the job was such that requires the worker the "opportunity" of making foreign business tours continuously.

That ends my tale of opportunity, but I am still regular in calling Ms L, she could be an opportunity too.

Monday, March 15, 2010

You Look Amazing

The moments arrive in life that one does not want to avoid. These are those same situations that are referred to as 'opportunity". Once on such crossroads you have to make a choice. This choice could be made simply without giving much a thought or else thought over continuously.

At this point I would like to tell you that i am a sort of person that mistakes every thing for an "opportunity", for it has to be clear that any person of sound mind, conscious and profiteering will always want to make the best use of this 'opportunity".

Now further it does not require for me to clear that I am of most sound a mind that could have ever been born on this earth or any other planet. So I am a thinker of every such "opportunity" that comes my way.

The there's a particular "opportunity" that I would now like to reserve my attention on. this "opportunity" came my way around a month ago. I have thought over it for a month long now (as I said before I am of 'sound mind') and have gone through the choices. I have applied all my knowledge, that I have gained through the past 23 years of my life . I am still indecisive.

Well I guess you must be wondering about this so called 'opportunity' that had made my mind boggle for a month now, but sit tight its not time yet.

For a clue this "opportunity" does not involve any sort of studies (though remotely), so it will be better than a torturous tale of my 'to give or not to give my CA attempt this winter 2010' or 'Would i pass in my MA papers?'. Well they are hectic subjects that wont bother to write about. And further I also cannot guarantee that the subject thats puzzling my mind will interest you at all. After all its matter of your perspective.

Well a month ago I was sanctioned a duty from office which required me to visit a Company in Gurgaon. At this point I cant help bragging about my residence in Ghaziabad (U.P.), its a distance of nearly 50 Km that one needs to cover to reach to Gurgaon. if somebody asks me what worst can a person suffer I am sure to tell him "THIS IS!!". Its suffocating and backbreaking and I don't even want to start about time loss.

Nonetheless, this Company I was assigned to is a MNC which has started its operations in India quite recently. It has a line of professionals working hired from here and and personnel which it has brought with it from abroad. The hiring in this firm was still on and definitely every department was understaffed.

I was suppose to meet a representative from this company, a one Mr. D. He is a quite person with a pleasant personality. I have only read about the MNC's and their enormous power building in any country and also of their networks so wide, some say they also have a upper hand in politics of the nations, I definitely can't testify for this.

Mr. D was the person who elaborated to me the required details of the job I was to perform at this gigantic Corporation. He said, "Well this is just a foot in the water, the fishes are still to be caught." Well I suppose that meant market capturing.

In next six days what I learnt I can not account, but what I really can say is that I was quite impressed by the form of coherent structure they had build here in such a short time span. The hiring process was complete and they had 70:30 ratio between Indians and Foreigners working for them.

Now the interesting point is that all the company workers have lunch together provided at the cafe in the Company's premises. It is at this premise that I met a Finance CEO's secretary Ms. L. We sat at the same table where I sat. It was so obvious she didn't had anybody along. It was also sure she knew I was alone too ( for I sat in a table for two and she had asked before if that other seat was empty).

I don't usually am bothered by sitting and eating in front of anybody. MS. L here as I should tell does not belong to the 70% of Indians working in this Company. So here was my reason to feel conscious by this particular female sitting in front. I keep fighting that war in my head that all males do when surrounded by females who are alluring all the way.

The war in my head to speak a word or just let it be a lunch on a table with some unknown person. After all i was just an outsourse to this company. Any ill-will would smash me.

But I regained my courage and tried to speak. I found it as hard as Taxation Exam I gave last year. I felt my heart would come out popping on the table. Why does a non country women make me so nervous. I kept repeating to myself that she is just a human.

Well her lunch was near to an end when I popped, "You Look Amazing."