Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Memory of Kevin Edmunds

Four days from today (25th April 2010) I send a friend request (on Facebook) and alonglside a message to Kevin Edmunds. I was accepted and he greeted me with a "Hey".

He was son of Mr Andrew Williams and Alice Whitefoot. Born on 24th of August 1990. He was a pleasant boy yearning to learn and with good memory (for he remembered words of hindi I told him).

He loved learning new things and loved hunting, of which I did not approve (well he was jailed and fined for it). He was eager to talk and also responded in Hindi with me, quite a sharp learner I would say.

He was from Ponying he told me and was in Brighton for study (which he did not loved and left after completing his year 12) and work (which he told "Wel i worked at a café, soccer coach for kids and played soccer for a private club".). He had a Horse (Spark) and a Dog (Spike) at his home village in ponying.

He was kind and what I came to know of him in these four days made me close to him. He was a gentle figure of human. He was suffering from a disease called ALS"(amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)".

He loved his family and was very fond of them. He said he wants them to smile always. i felt he was brave to fight with the disease and knowing his end has cum to settle with it. Well I did promise him not to tell of him as a diseased person. Sorry Kevin.When I told Kevin we will miss him, he replied, "Dw i'l always be there every sec wid al my mates." Such positive thought he brooded.

He was funny and enterprising. I told him in next life he should be born as my son and I will name him "Kevin" only. I sent him a Son's request, which he wasn't able to accept (hope he did it in his heart). He also agreed to learn all the pujas (ceremonies), festivals of India and also to the traditional Indian name where my Grand mother and mothers name and his future mother when he is born as my son will be attached and after that our clan name (caste).

He took life very handsomely, though I have not been able to meet him ,which will be a regret always.

My last memory of him is of the game we were playing, where I gave him a word and he was to write what came to his mind (which i basically did to know him better and keep him busy from thinking much at the hospital). The last word i gave him was last night (IST time) was my own name which he did not replied. I will always want to know what he thought of me.

It was at 5:32 am (UK time, as his friend Matt told me) that Kevin's soul left his body.

I lost two great friends on facebook within a week. I don't want to loose more. Hope Kevin met Mikey in the other world.

I wonder what use is this medical field which could not cure a 100 year old disease (as Kevin told me). Or God just wants every good person to leave this earth soon.

This is Kevin's Page on facebook:

Will remember you always Kevin, always. You will be in my Heart.Love.
May your soul Rest in peace.
Hope to meet you in Heaven one day.



Ha kev, u came to my dram ..thank u kevin..I know u up there smile as u did in my dream. M smiling too :)

Everybody remembers u..
I found today Mikey 2 had his funeral. Now m pretty sure you both will be friends. RIP Mikey and Kevin.

shilpi3005 said...

May his soul rest in peace.God called him at a very young age.The day u spoke about Kevin's demise, I too was inspired to write about Prashant -My classmate, my neighbour who died an unfortunate death at a tender age of 7years.
This post left me with tears in my eyes.
God bless.