Monday, April 5, 2010

This Work & its facilitators

Have you ever felt why are you working? Why are you stucking with this particular employer? Why are you taking such pity, which is obviously thrown at you with loath? Why are you still carrying along with your colleagues, which are running on your nerves?

Every person has their own reason for their own selection. One friend of mine replied,"You don't have a choice sometimes. You lack the will. You lack on funds. You are stuck in the cycle of waking up everyday, without will, starting off to office, where you feel strange, and face same old colleagues, boss and their obnoxious egos'."

This has inspired this post.

Well in my opinion we are always tiring off by things sooner or later. the fact remains : We get tired. Human by nature, psychology, sociology is in constant need of change. Whether change of acquaintances, change of job profile,et al. It is due to this reason that we get tired of running through the same life everyday. Well I do not deny the reasons, for they make us sad for stopping us to satisfy this requirement.

Everything can not happen in itself though. You could stay happy in whatever condition you are, you just need to focus right.

If you think the office will be bad always, you need to go and stay in jungle again. Well that would actually be relieving. No complexity of culture or work and hunt for your own food. The man has got complex overtime and has behavior changes overtime.

You would notice the change in behavior of your colleague , boss from the first day you joined the institution to six months later. You could find chunks of changes.

This does not mean you suck up to them. You play with the tide untill its harmless, then you gradually settle for the side.

The job will always suck the third day. Its your decision to take a new on the fourth.

Choose judiciously.

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