Monday, March 29, 2010

We are fooled off our own kindness

Err, Irritation, is mother of no devices. This is what I have come to acknowledge, though late, in my life. It begins like an ant walking on ice cube, which then turns into a pool of water with the ant in the middle, desperate to escape, of no point. The end is Irreversible.

The Irritation and the Irreversibility of actions are the not key to anything but silent destruction of ones own articulated Composure, which once broken is hard to restore.

Then when you so perfectly owned, your Composure, and have to give away to these filthy 'Irr', which one would have not minded if spelled, Erritation and Erreversibility.

What cause could it be to erupt such a loss. Was it new neighbors? Was it that women who borrowed and has not returned? Was it ones' own self??

Well one is not capable of seeing his own Faults, or Incapabilities.

We will always testify we were Good, Kind and Just in every aspect you could look at it. Never been more Perfect in life.

It is always others, as one assures, always. The defining lady next door. Yes the culprit women who has no intention of returning the borrowed. And of course not self at all.

We did it Right, we think later, we did it Fine. It was then we realize that all that Good,Kind, Just had played a mockery on one self, and now its no more a pretense of Composure. There is Irritation.

Plain and sour.


shilpi3005 said...

a well expressed piece of post again.Good job Tarun.I admire ur writing skills man!!!!By the way was it actually ur next door neighbour to borrow something which u liked but never bothered to return? hehe..keep writing and do comment on my blogs too


u got it, god u r expert...thank you..