Friday, June 25, 2010

Love-shove (Crap-shap)

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“I love you dammit!! Fuckin love you!!!”
“eeh..”, was the response by the mind where the statement either did not cooked or else burned down even before get tasted.
Well how many times a woman does hears such a statement from a man. One could guess outright- numerous!
There comes a time when one has to no matter what accept it and ask it. The one always being from the male fraternity.

The question or more sort of a forced revelation here came from Satish. The guy had been overly conscious in front of his classmate in college and after advisory from all his friends-learned, champions and unluckily single- had concluded it to be his ‘Love’. The emotions and sentiments were discussed among friends in his presence- and should be told- also in his absence, and thereby derived that Satish has finally found his ‘Love’.

“Abey, This is how you will say it? Proposing or Looting yaar??”, yelled one of the learned.
“Idiot!! Will die single!!”, revealed another with strong proximity of knowing the future.
“Leave him. He can’t do it”, proclaimed the third.
“Haram-khoron!! Sitting there and commenting have you ever revealed your heard to any woman!! Bloody sitting and enjoying!!!”, called an irate Satish.
This was the practice of proposing Priya, the concluded gild for Satish.
The learned group of single friends who always come up for the fellow non-single mates in quest for his love one. A reliable group trying to match-make for each other and in the process making it entirely complicated –‘who-is-looking-for-whom’.
The group had met at odd occasions –day, night, before college, after college- and had trained their mate for the next step of his life- Proposing or Mating for that matter. After weeks of rigorous training, they were satisfied with the outcome and decided the following day is auspicious for the proposal.

After great lecturing about dos and don’ts to be taken care of at the time the great revelation, they left Satish to his own devices. Priya came to college as usual. A simple face, with no make-up wearing a jeans and a full length T-shirt over it. Nothing extraordinary or out of the blue. A woman who could easily be lost in a crowd among others. Satish saw her. He found her. Now he searches for this face every morning in college. A face he more eagerly expects to look at then visiting the temple regularly.

In spite of his friend’s recommendations and training he had decided something of his own. Something irregular, something unique- something she has not heard of and thereby being his chance for this lottery.


“Hello, Priya.”, uttered a perspiration filled Satish.
“Yes?”, enquired the lady on being stalked so.
“Sorry to stop you in this manner. I have something to say”, managed Satish.
“What? My T-shirt not right? Does something shows?”, gasped Priya evoked by this thought and started checking for any misfits.
“No, No, NO! I have been looking to talk to you regarding a very special subject”
“Can we move to a less crowded zone.”
“Why? I don’t go to corners with strange men. I know your sorts. Wanting to take advantage of decent girls.”
Satish could not help to form a word for minutes. What he had thought, planned is not only going down but the characteristics of his lady love –which he had imagined all this while- does not match with her true self.
“NO!! I am not going to take any advantage. Please listen, its important.” ,begged Satish.
“I know your types.”, claimed Priya and started to walk away from him.
“Listen,” said Satish as he reached for her hand. She turned back. Satish thought exactly like he had hoped it to happen. But before he could utter the formed words in his mouth ready to find sound Priya said, “You love me, don’t you!”
Satish shocked that Priya knew and at the same time thinking why she did not talked to him if she knew. But he said, “Yes, How do you know!?”
“I have been proposed by four other guys in this college. Cheapsters!! Don’t know anything about woman.”
And she went off with all her sanctity and Satish standing there bewildered why he did not got to say more. More, for his love was greater than those other four morons. His love was pure. His love was above all.


The friends awaiting eagerly for Satish return and to know of the gains in his quest, inquired of him.
“Women are confused.God knows what women want.”, mused Satish,” Love-shove, Crap-shap”


shilpi3005 said...

hahaha.I enjoed every bit of this choti si love story.It was fun and quite well written.


Thank you..:)