Thursday, June 10, 2010

Biogenetics: A Marvell

I recently watched “The Sixth Day” starring Arnold and the sci-fi movie about cloning and advantages. This thought of Cloning et al is around now for several years. Well my sister who happens to be a science student, unlike me who cowardly hid away (and certainly no regrets at that) tells me it’s a very outdated topic.

Of what I know, from my knowledge gained from bits and parts, cloning is just a narrow part of the bigger field – Biogenetics. This field has a number of hidden secrets in it.

If one can clone a whole humans as have happened in last decade, human parts can also be cloned. It can also be imagined that how a person with an amputated limb can go back home with a perfectly new one. Obviously it is not possible to clone a 20 year old directly, as if already population is quite controlled, it is greatly possible to increase a healthy life for person.

A lung cancer patient can have a cloned lung implanted. Well this is being worked upon, is exciting to think about.

Not only humans but animals, The animals extinct now, thanks to humans the guardian can restore back our environment. With environment troubles around saving our flora and fauna can become easy of a sudden.

But then a vision requires great efforts to be converted to reality. Hope somebody somewhere is unriddling it.

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