Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Letter with anticipation

Respected User,

After a long wait of three wide months and witnessing life’s most exciting events a thing like me could never have experienced otherwise, I now write to you with a request.

I have been there for three months as I have told you. The time you spent at home and I in your wallet. The time you had lunch, I in your pocket. Yes, I am the condom you haven’t used till today.

Packed by my father and baptized as ‘Kamasutra’ I was bought by you three months ago. I came along with my two brothers. Both of which were privileged to be of use to you. But I still sat in your wallet, the longest wait.

Sitting in your wallet we three, months ago went first to a place, which I came to know was your home. Then you dressed nicely and kept us (well the wallet) in your pant’s pocket; back on your arse. We did not saw anything but muffled voices reached us as you sat on your wallet. We realized soon you were with someone. Someone, on whom one of us will be assisting you. A project in hand we all three got excited. Anticipating who will go for the first time. Well it wasn’t me so I do not know how it feels.

Thereafter for days we sat in your wallet thus waiting. You taking us out of the house each day and we ‘wondering if this is the day’ were dragged along. You met other people and we were excited. You talked and we listened. It seemed that our use is at hand but alas I came to know it was called ‘flirting’.

Then the good day came and a female you dinned with like before. Then you went to someplace other than your home. You took off your wallet and we were able to witness from the podium in the room. You took off your trousers and she took off her clothes too. We were hot in your wallet with anticipation. Alas! it was my brother and not me that you used for your assistance.

Now its been three months and I am still in your wallet. I have witnessed most of your life. And know that those two women my brothers assisted you with were not same. Now I write this to you in hope of being ‘USED’.

Thanking you,
from wallet