Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You Look Amazing-II

Now people I haven't till yet revealed the "opportunity" I had referred about. I have though revealed the proceeding of it, the chanced luck, as now I think, of meeting Ms L in that place which holds a great divide from my home. I now proceed further an promise not to extend a short story much, an reveal everything in this edition of my post.

My chanced popping or else pooping which I instantly thought as those words escaped my mouth, were rather pleasantly taken by the earthen lady. She stopped at first and stared with a angry glance towards me, as if I was a thief caught red handed, that I thought I am in for a trouble.

I am neither brave nor respite-fully handsome at first or rather any time to look at. (This I think my duty to inform the reader.) But this time, of all others if there was any, I showed courage to proceed, rather then stay silent, and continue with my meal and let her think she mistook. Then clenching my brains into thinking, what could have possibly happened might I have talked.

I proceeded cautiously, as if I was about to catch a chicken for lunch and step slow for it has wings. "Hello Miss.", I responded to no answer but a cold stare.

"Hello Lady."

This time she responded as if sure the words flew from my mouth to her ears, for her expression changed and she returned back to her seat , facing me.

"Hi!", she retorted, much open to give way to a conversation now.

"Have you been here long, for I never noticed you?", was the question I thought appropriate to commence with.

She was actually and I have been right she has been in some other department therefore I never saw her. I found her a pleasant person to be with. She also had a glare to learn about people for she had studied psychology for sometime back home. I could not believe we talked as if acquainted to each other for a very long time. We exchanged numbers in the lunch area, very uncommon episode for me.

I called her immediately after reaching home.

We made out plans in our consecutive meetings in the lunch area an due to her acquaintance I have come to know a whole breed of foreigners working in the organisation.

Well hurrying up to this opportunity for I am not a romantic writer and nor there was any romance in this tale of mine. I left their office, having fulfilled my duty, some two weeks ago now.
And I recieved a call from Ms L that there is a place vacant in the company which requires full-time work (which I could not provide) and the job was such that requires the worker the "opportunity" of making foreign business tours continuously.

That ends my tale of opportunity, but I am still regular in calling Ms L, she could be an opportunity too.

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shilpi3005 said...

as i wanted to comment yesterday on this post but cudnt here i do it right away.....I have seen u growing from a kid to a mature individual.I remember the way u were scolded by teachers for a bad handwriting.Hu cud imagine th same kid has become a think tank now!! wow....keep up the good work. U got loads of potential bro!