Tuesday, July 6, 2010


It was “Bharat Bandh” (India Closed) on Monday 5th July , 2010. The roads were closed, interstate borders were sealed and more so our dear metro was brought to a halt with men jumping down on the track. I was home when my office mate Vishal called. He asked “How are you coming today?” I have just woken up and it was 8:30 am. I had no idea about the “bandh”, just like a chick out of the egg shell does not know what waits outside the shell-it could be his mom, it could be a wiper- what does the chick know? “Like usual”, I said . He next bulged me with a big “HOW?”. I said train and then bus No. 423 direct to our route. He frowned and then said, “They are torching the tyres, they have sealed the inter-state borders and metro will also be closed”. I could only have gasped and next he asked “Now how are you coming?”. What could be more logical in the circumstance he just enumerated? “I am not coming. Tell Boss.”

For now I was not going to office, I slept a little more. Giving rest to my tiring bones from the long night I had yesterday, for the play I attended.

Waking up at 10 am I went to proceed with my daily ablutions. I flushed and a gargoyle sound burbed.” Its clogged!”, I shrieked.

Rest of the “Bharat Bandh” (and a holiday) went down with “Toilet Bandh” for me.

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shilpi3005 said...

hehehe...good utilization of the bandh...I was working even on that day! Poor me