Monday, August 22, 2011

Tab on the Go

After a long time abroad I returned back home to India. As soon as I landed back at the IGI Airport, the first most peculiar thing I had to do was to open my Tab. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 750, which I became a proud owner even before it was released in India and for sure to be an item of desire when it would, is my life line. Powered by Google's Android 3.1 (Honeycomb)is the only device yet known with upgrading facility.

With my Tab now ready for use the first thing I had to do was change my status on facebook. "Back in India. Good to be finally home.", was what my status read. I like the super fast access that my Tab provides. Supporting HSPA,EDGE,GPRS,Wi-Fi it truly breaks ground when comes to connectivity.

The next thing on my mind was to find my driver. With around 10 hours of journey by road still remaining to actually reach my house in the hills of Mussorie. I called the drivers cell. He was on his way to the airport. I had booked the cab before my flight itself via internet through my Tab.

While waiting for my baggage to arrive I rearranged my 'Live Panel'(personal window) with time adjusted to IST and all galleries being shifted so that nothing comes forth which could trigger my mother.

Just as my baggage arrived so did the cab. So off I was to the hills. The ride from IGI, Delhi to Mussorie is a very tiring one crossing a whole of UP. The 10 hour drive could be utterly boring if one does not have any entertainment. Lucky for me, the Tab was a boon with its 16Gb memory it had numerous songs stored as well I had access to a full galore of provisions from 'Music Hub' by Samsung. Not only this but a whole lot of books are available online via 'Readers Hub'.

Not to mention the unique 'Social Hub' which does not let me miss a single update from my pals.

I was just to leave out Delhi when my Google mail blinked, from Saurab- " Where are you, just read your status." I love this about my Tab. My previous phone never allowed me to GoogleTalk with my buddies on the go and that too a video chat. I dialed for Saurab. Its amazing that long lost friends have so much to talk about and that too 99 percent about other fellows.

After chatting with Saurab and promising to visit him that evening itself I went back to listening to music and browsing facebook. Just as I was about to drooze away another mail blinked on- "Urgent"- this one woke me instantly for it was from my office. They had asked me to mail some logistic details and date I would be reporting back along with the copy of order letter I last placed- (this was urgent as i had missed to reply the earlier mail). Samsung tab provides 'Polaris office' where one can use Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint and Clipboard. Thank God,I had saved the order letter scanned copy in Tab. I used excel and quickly typed the required logistic and pasted the order letter right below. This I mailed with the expected date of my reporting.

Now I could easily relax and ease myself from jet lag. But I guess this journey gonna be rusty, for next thing I met was a traffic jam- on an highway. The driver said to chill, an everyday situation for him. I can not and wait sitting on when there is a long way to cover. My Tab offers 'GoogleMaps', 'Navigation' and 'Places'. I found an alternative path to skip the traffic jam going from within the villages in UP.

The site of villages was very pleasing. I snapped some images and videos from 3MP camera all along the village path.

The rest of the way was peace and music on my Tab.

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