Friday, August 22, 2008

Life this, Life that

Life this , Life that. Isn’t this the feeling that you are the one whoce had to be someone, something or somewhere and are now , wherever you are, wrongly stuck. Or is it just a feeling in the gut that the day isn’t what you thought it to be.

This is not an uncommon feeling though coming out of the tragedies of life or just a simple fact that one won’t stop expecting or desiring. But still hold on, look on and keep everything at hand.

Not knowing what will and what would be, one is moving towards goal, towards failure.

Achievement did it all, once my father told me. A mans achievement leads others to desire, to follow and then it is also a known fact that everyone’s fate isn’t the same, nor it can be duplicated. Then it is that happens that a bundle moving in one same direction is definitely lead to choke that what could have been.

Expectations are such things that push a person to such a different level. Then there will be annoyance when ones expectations are broke. So why is it that one do not stop expecting? Is it that one cant help loving that expectations develop automatically. Or is it that one is too selfish for himself that it cant help expecting. In both case they broke and it is hurt.

Then there is also a fact that without suffering a pain one isn’t to cherish the smile. Like Gautama Buddha had a realization, the one above all living or dead.

For it is not a question of what is and what was, Life is a current flow and one need to go with flow. Don’t be hasty in taking pain for it could bring a joy along.

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