Friday, August 8, 2008

Chronicles of a Rainy Day(08.08.08)

I cant actually imagine whether it was weather or the 08.08.08 syndrome,but something was lousy in that day.
I step out of house and take a Tempu (which are so usual at this part of the world), for my office. At the point of actually gettin off the place which I usually tread (and this very day, leaking since 3:00am) I came to know that my wallet is back at home and I so far away.
I cann't do anything but feel a sense of being pathetic and full of shame (which I know will take ages for me to keep off my mind). The Tempowala couldn't but sympahise with my position and I was left there wondering 'How the Hell could this Happen?' or 'What to do Next?'.
The option's were less and further proceeding to my destination which actually takes INR 20/- every day, now should be done via INR 0/-.I had the option of returning back to my nest in Ghaziabad, 4 km from where I now stand, and a long walk, and a splendid lecture on how careless I am.
I thought of proceeding further, avoiding the lectures and ready to take the pity of the next Tempuwala as well.With umbrella in one hand and a bag on shoulder (whose occupants are my Dairy & the Umbrella to face these Rainy Days), I proceeded.
The Tempu's heading towards my Office in Noida are few (Oligopoly, so charge is INR 10/-), and I being now a regular traveller came to have an aquaintance with the few.
I was first hessitant to sit inside, so I called the guy aside ,feeling more guilty, as if asking for drugs or something, and told him my pocket.
These guys, I dont know out of humane courtesy or proffessionalism, are always ready to help for customers sake.So he just gave me a free ride to Noida and also lended me INR 5/- for my further travel to office in Sector 60,Noida.
So on this rainy day inspite of an umbrella I draining wet finally reach office with all my honours drained out and I wet with shame . I felt raped out , and that everybody knew what had happened to me.
What else I lost my umbrella on my return back home.

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